ACE clears the way for South Moor football club canteen

ACE Demolishes School Portakabin at South MoorSouth Moor Football Club – Absolute Civil Engineering and Hodgson Sayers construction have come to the aid of a local community primary school whose old football team canteen was in urgent need of an update.

The derelict Portakabin, used for many years by South Moor Junior Football Club as an office and tuck shop, now on the site of Greenland Community Primary School in South Moor, is to be replaced with a brand new unit donated by Hodgson Sayers.

Dismantling the original cabin by hand would have taken volunteers a number of days. ACE stepped in with an excavator and an experienced operator to complete the job in a matter of minutes.

The site is now cleared and ready for the new cabin to be installed.

ACE Demolishes School Portakabin at South Moor