Statement of Quality Policy

Absolute Civil Engineering Limited is committed to providing an efficient, professional, safe and cost effective service to its clients. The company has a formal documented system to ensure that at all stages of planning and work, the aims of the company are met. This documented system conforms as a minimum to the standards of BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and is audited by a certifying body to ensure that the standard is maintained. Internal review of the company systems is carried out by internal audit to identify any weaknesses and by periodic management review at a senior level.

The scope of this documented system is: The provision of civil engineering services, construction and building work. The aims of the company in this respect are to meet the standards of work and safety required by clients, and to continually seek to review its systems to provide ongoing improvement to the services provided. Resources are provided by the company to ensure that these aims can be met. These resources are monitored and reviewed to ensure that the company can continue to provide the services required to meet client requirements. Quality objectives are set by the directors at management review. Such objectives to be realistic and measured against company performance. The directors believe that all staff and employees need to be aware of the company’s commitment to the provision of a quality service to its clients. Mr. Mark Short Managing Director 6th January 2017