Lanchester Wines, Greencroft, Annfield Plain

Puraceptor Separator tank at Lanchester WinesLanchester Wines, Greencroft, Annfield Plain, County Durham – The Lanchester Wines scheme involves major groundworks in preparation for a new bottling plant development adjacent to the company’s existing location.

Scope of Works: Lancaster Wines is the world’s first ‘Carbon Minus’ wine company and is highly environmentally aware. As part of this project Absolute Civil Engineering has been asked to install an underground separator tank underneath the new southern car park area. It will deal with accidental leaks and spillages of oil and fuel that are washed down drains when it rains. The separator removes harmful substances which it stores, ready for decontamination, leaving clean water to flow into a balancing basin.

The interceptor tank, was supplied by SPEL and measures 20.35m long, 3.65m diameter with a weight of 6.50 tonnes. It was lifted into position by Hewden Crane Hire

Additional work on this project includes drainage, water basin, earthworks, kerbing, tarmac, street lighting and permeable paving, the majority of which being carried out by direct labour and Absolute owned plant.

The car park will provide parking for 250 cars.

Client: Lanchester Wines

Year: The work is part of a multi-million pound upgrade of Lanchester Wines, works commenced September 2015

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