River and Coastal Flood Protection Works

Coastal ProtectionOur experience covers the construction and maintenance of river and coastal flood protection works, flood alleviation and defences.

Works carried out include:

  • Construction of river & Sea Gabions
  • Rock Armour in river and sea defence works
  • Rip rap and stone revetment
  • Sheet piling and capping beams
  • Soil retention on steep and exposed slopes (reinforced soils, soil stabilisation)
  • Dredging, processing and treatment of river silts
  • De-watering and river diversionary works
  • Construction of weirs, sluices and flow control structures
  • Concrete Infill
  • River Pontoon works for dredging and river clearing works
  • Bank stabilisation, geomembranes, seeding and natural staging techniques)
  • Environmental and water monitoring and testing